Investigations and Polygraph Services
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When paying a private investigator by the hour plus mileage, hands-on or "maned" surveillance can be very costly, and it can be unproductive. A long day of unproductive hands-on surveillance can shrink your investigative budget very quickly. Truth Verification, LLC Investigations and Polygraph Services now offer an alternative to costly, unproductive "maned" surveillance. We offer Remote Surveillance Services (RSS). Truth Verification, LLC employs state of the art, real time, remote surveillance equipment that is night vision capable. Once activated, the system provides live streaming of the surveilled area back to our offices where it is recorded and stored. Assuming the conditions are favorable (terrain, obstacles, distance from device to surveiled area, strong cellular signal, etc.) RSS can produce the desired results at a fraction of the cost. Instead of paying an hourly rate for someone to sit and watch, you will instead pay a refundable deposit for the equipment and a flat weekly fee.


Remote surveillance does have its limitations, however. Unlike "maned" surveillance where someone can actually track movement with a camera, remote surveillance is restricted to a fixed area. Remote surveillance is most useful in obtaining documentation of someone coming and going from a known location and obtaining evidence of trespassing, theft or property damage. We offer free consults that, of course, includes terrain evaluation. So, if you think remote surveillance may help with your particular issue, give us a call. Let our friendly staff meet with you and discuss your specific circumstances and give you an honest evaluation. If conditions for remote surveillance are unfavorable we will not attempt it.